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ontol: Moonwatcher (2015)

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  • ontol: Moonwatcher (2015)

    After spending a lot of time polishing up work from decades past, I am pleased to announce the release of something all new!

    ontol: Moonwatcher

    4 long-form ambient pieces composed over the last 2 years and named for a character (Aovi Moonwatcher) I have played for almost 9 years. Dang, that still sounds a little recycled. :biggrin: Guess that's what happens when you start getting old.

    Available for free download - no need to even enter 0 as the amount, just download and listen!

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    I've only listened to the title track so far, but this really reminds me of Fripp $ Eno from back in the day, mainly the Fripp stuff. I'm thinking specifically of Urban Landscape. I'll check more of this later.

    Good work
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      Downloading now! Thanks for sharing 😎 I'm looking forward to listening to it all the way through this evening. Bravo!
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        Beautiful. Love it. I read a recent tweet from Eno that simply said "less notes". Very nice work.
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          wonderful and calming , like it very much!