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  • Noctilucant - Dead Meat

    'Dead Meat' is a collection of 8 songs wrote both before and during the 'Back to the Mud' album sessions from cinematic dark ambient project, Noctilucant. This is a digital only album, which will remain free to download, and features demos from 'Back to the Mud,' as well as, outtakes and abandoned tracks that didn't make the cut.

    Even though these are early demos and songs that didn't end up on the album, I still feel like the unreleased pieces have some worth and the demos may appeal to those that want to hear songs from 'Back to the Mud' in a slightly different form.

    'Dead Meat' shouldn't be viewed as the next chapter in the Noctilucant story, but rather just a thank you to those that enjoyed the debut album, 'Back to the Mud.' With that being said, much thanks to those that have listened to the debut and those that continue onward with me.