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Pas de la Dame Sauvage - Fluidity and back catalogue deal

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  • Pas de la Dame Sauvage - Fluidity and back catalogue deal

    Hello all!

    The new Pas de la Dame Sauvage album is out now! You can grab it from Bandcamp for a mere two pounds. Here's the even better thing... you can also get the entire Pas Sauvage back catalogue for the same price when you get the new album. Thats five full albums and the Saudade ep for two pounds. Its quite a good deal in my opinion...but I would say that.
    (actually the whole lot of other albums and things are free anyway, but it'll save you some time to buy in bulk, or at least thats the plan!)

    Anyhoo hope you like!
    Jeff (that bloke from the last AO podcast)

    Pas Sauvage - Fluidity Cover.jpg

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    Cool. Liked that Supermoon track from the podcast a lot so you may a have a sale...
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      Listening to Fluidity this morning...very nice! Count me in for the Special Thanks for sharing with us.
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        Thanks very much for listening guys!
        And thanks to you especially Windspace for buying the bundle
        Honestly you were the only one, but my hearfelt thanks to you for taking the time to listen and to pay over the price too. Your a gent of the highest order