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new release: Black Saturday

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  • new release: Black Saturday

    Hello. I have a new release called Black Saturday on the Weareallghosts label.
    Here is what Thomas has to say about the album.
    I was deeply intrigued when Scott first pitched his idea for an Easter-themed album earlier in the year … especially considering the darker subject and
    proposed sound … I was not disappointed. This album is a melancholic delight: meditative and introspective … one that is perfect for the dark day between
    Good Friday and Easter Sunday.

    You can also hear my other Easter album called Seven Last Words, which is distinctly different from this one at
    as usual, thank you for your support of my music. It is much appreciated.

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    I've got it playing now - it seems like an appropriate soundtrack for this morning. This is some really brooding stuff so far. Nice work.