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New ambient soundscape intro track

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  • New ambient soundscape intro track

    Hey all, I've been pretty busy and not doing much ambient lately, but just working on realizing my music which seems to incorporate it into a pop structure. Anyway, here is an ambient constructed track that kicks off my new EP that I put together this month. It is the intro to my EP, "Do You Like the Brightness?". iOS constructed, Ableton mastered. I used a Linked fugue machine to play an 80s synth in Synthmaster, and then added some modulating pads for added authenticity. I used the new Drummer mode in Garageband to construct the pummeling drums (I know there is still a debate on here about drums in ambient music )

    I also started an ambient/experimental page for my more ambient works that I will share in the future.

    Thanks for listening!

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    I make drones, delay, and soundscapes at Rumourtone Music