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Asteroid Anxiety - Centaur EP

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  • Asteroid Anxiety - Centaur EP

    I have put a new EP up on Bandcamp:

    Here is one track off it

    although it is the least ambient track there.:rockon:

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    WOW!!! Dude, absolute madness!!!

    In a really awesome way, of course! Once that bass texture kicks in it all comes together quite nicely. I really admire you for taking a risk like that, leaving the listener hanging with that high pitch sound for a good 2/3 minutes while you're building towards something. Your work is so experimental in nature and that's what I love about it.

    True art!!! We need more of that. Off to check out your new EP!!!


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      Listening to the ep now. I'm already into song 2 and I like what I hear!


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        Awesome! I love how you take your time to let things unfold at their own pace and the beginning section creates a great tension that sets the mood for what follows. How does one wrap up a piece like that? I think you found the answer! Very cool! :thumbsup:
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          Thanks guys. Everybody is so positive here, makes me embarrassed to be so laconic


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            It seems shorter than it really is.
            Always something moving and keeping the listener on his/her toes. Some sounds are strange and aggresisve even. But it all fits.
            Really good!!!!


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              I was also getting a sense of movement from this (Echechlus I). Maybe trains or something like that, although having travelled on the Russian railways almost 40 years ago, I realize that they sound quite different to those in the UK. I liked the way that this track slowly built in intensity.

              Good work
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