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Neath The Cerulean Abyss

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  • Neath The Cerulean Abyss 'Neath The Cerulean Abyss' is the latest recording from cinematic dark ambient project, Noctilucant. Greatly different from previous work, 'Neath The Cerulean Abyss' is a 30 minute single exploring nautical territories, and thematically follows a mysterious object that falls from the sky and journey's from the top of the ocean waves all the way to the deepest darkest parts of the ocean where unknown horrors dwell...

    The single is up for FREE streaming on Bandcamp and if it catches your ear in the right way its available for just $1. Paying customers will also receive a 12 minute bonus drone ambient track titled, 'Further into the Abyss.' And the original painting used as the cover artwork for the single is also available in the merch section of Bandcamp.

    Finally, if you've never heard Noctilucant before, the entire discogaraphy (5 releases) is available for just $5.60, and remember to follow Noctilucant on Facebook, as well:

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    cool project!
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      I'm halfway through, it's pretty great and definitely immersive
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