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Cursed Are The Living [Dark Pseudo-drone]

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  • Cursed Are The Living [Dark Pseudo-drone]

    It's raining, thunder and lightning abound, stuck indoors and feeling mopey. Only one thing to do: COMPOSE A NEW TRACK!!! :eek:

    "Cursed Are The Living" is as close to minimal as I've been in months.. 3 instances of Absynth, two delays, one Elephant and Tone2 Akustix. One loaded with Absynth Obsidian, one with Absynth The Abyss, and one with Haunted Worlds from Westgate Audio (who is one of my fave sound designers).

    I might as well deinstall everything but my Native Instruments synths and Zebra2. :eek: Nothing else sees much use, mostly now it's Absynth/Kontakt/Engine 2/Zebra2 and not in that order.

    Feeling emo today.. ugh.. more beer, maybe a new composition tomorrow!
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