dark ambient cinematic drone music

made from an inspiration of @cryo-chamber music (24 bit)

cinematic dark ambient experience


made with:
- @nativeinstruments maschine
- @ableton live
- gothic instruments dronar
- @spitfireaudio albion one
- @projectsam symphobia 2

voice and lyrics by mebitek

apu biu cudd'omu "inguddei"
bisau mi seu in cudd'omu "inguddai"
e iscuru e' su ceu
frius me is ossus, sou ca cai
scidau mi seu in cudd'omu "inguddai"
pedriu mi seu in cudd'omu "inguddei"

eng version:
I see that house out there
I dream on me in that house right there
the sky is dark
my bones are cold and i'm alone
I wake up in that house right there
i'm lost in that house out there

mastered on mebitek home studio with @izotope ozone and @izotope vynil

original photo by Gabriella Floris
original speculation with Daniele Porta

artwork postproduction by mebitek with gimp #opensource graphic software