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forgotten machines [dark ambient]

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  • forgotten machines [dark ambient]

    A dark ambient drone this time. Made in Reaper with free VST plugins and royalty free samples.

    Any feedback is welcome, especially tips on how to improve. |

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    cool sound man. good job!
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      How to improve? Why? I like it as it is....
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        Originally posted by betadecay View Post
        How to improve? Why? I like it as it is....
        Great! Thanks! You guys are so friendly.

        And why? Because I'm a beginner when it comes to producing electronic music, and my knowledge, especially of mixing and mastering, is limited. I do this mostly on feel. And mastering tips for say EDM have limited application to Ambient.

        For example, there is a lot of bass content. The main bass drone (coming in around 1:16) is pretty static, tho I provided some movement with tape-like wobble and drift using de la Mancha's unstable. In my initial mix this drone was louder, since I like bass-heavy music, but I found it to be too prominent. I played around quite a bit to find a level that I think is satisfactory, a balance between the drone being the musical foundation of the piece, and allowing enough detail to come through from other elements in the low end. But possibly I could have mixed it differently, or put a touch of LFO on the volume of the drone, to make said foundation stronger.

        Also, there is a lot going on for what is basically a drone piece. Maybe it is too much? Maybe I should cut some elements?

        I'm sure most people have this kind of doubts about their own work, but I don't want to be stuck in indecisiveness, so I just put it out there. So I'm seeking to learn and hone my craft. |