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New Dying Bees release (Toaster + S1gnsofL1fe)

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  • New Dying Bees release (Toaster + S1gnsofL1fe)

    My project with S1gnsofL1fe, Dying Bees, has released a new EP. The first track was on one of the Ambient Online Comps, and the other two came out of a productive jam session at Toaster Labs; we recorded the results to stereo outs, and they are the remaining two tracks-- Dying Bees is something interesting to both of us; a project based around each musician stepping a little outside of their comfort zone, and working together to create something that's both familiar and different. Give it a listen:

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    Love the loose and free feel to these. Wonderful collab that does bring out different things than the two of you produce on your own.