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Noctilucant - Oblivion To You All (cinematic dark ambient)

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  • Noctilucant - Oblivion To You All (cinematic dark ambient)

    ‘Oblivion To You All’ has been released! Oblivion is over 70 minutes of post apocalyptic dark ambient music, with underlining industrial and experimental textures, and further develops the cinematic characteristics explored on previous releases. Work began on this album shortly after the completion of ‘Back to the Mud,’ and all these months later I feel it’s absolutely my finest creation to date. Paying customers on Bandcamp will receive a bonus track titled ‘She Only Comes Out At Night,’ and a mp4 video file of the music video for ‘Where Snow Remains and Life Fades.

    'Oblivion to you all' sees the world now sparsely populated, this is after the apocalypse, when many humans have fallen and those that remain standing are left to deal with a world that has changed into something 'else...'

    Thanks for listening.