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  • A Seagull's Dream

    I have recently released a new album. It is only 2 tracks long (about 1 hour in total).
    The tracks were made up of some field recordings, which I always make a part of my work, and a number of short unrelated and improvised live recordings made in the studio and then processed and molested until submission.
    These started in May and when I got to August I thought I had enough material to patch things together and make something from them. 'A Seagull's Dream' was the outcome.
    Not surprisingly for me the final product tends to get close at times to the dark side, but never really goes all the way. It also has a few quiet patches - it seems this is a habitual occurrence through all my music.

    As always it is best listened to with headphones in a quiet space.
    Have a listen if you wish and leave a comment if you like (or don't like).

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    I like it!

    Apart from the field recordings, what instruments did you use on this album? |


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      ablaut, I work very simply using field recordings mostly, a few soft synths and some guitar now and again. Most of the sound comes from field recordings.
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