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New Dark Ambient Drone Release! *Cryogenic Hibernation* WIP Preview

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  • S1gnsOfL1fe
    Love it!!! Seriously...I know you could dive into your techniques for paragraphs but I am confident that this comes from hours of your awesomeness in the studio. Pretty great stuff Aaron!!!

    Mastered by a pro? Now I REALLY can't wait!!!!!!!! :D

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  • mariosprt
    The sound you speak of is quite powerful and it does seem to overwhelm some frequencies, but is cool. I think this is coming along quite nicely :D

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  • asteroid anxiety
    Nice, I like the growly bits and the chatter

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  • New Dark Ambient Drone Release! *Cryogenic Hibernation* WIP Preview

    Ok I am a big fan of science fiction, especially horror based stories.

    I made a quick preview track of some upcoming sound design I have been working on for a track.

    Headphones are recommended for this one.

    Tools used

    - CSoundforlive
    - Fxpansion Etch
    - Metasynth Samples
    - Ableton Live FX
    - Madrona Labs Aalto

    This is still not finished! It needs tons more mixing since I noticed that it is one very very thick sound currently.. I think I overdid the compression on this one, now that I listen to it more.

    Actually I am thinking about hiring a professional mastering engineer to finish my tracks once I am finished, because I want the dynamics to be perfect.
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