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The Night Sky

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  • windspace
    Welcome to Ambient Online. I really enjoyed listening to your track! :listening: Please keep up the good work!!

    Regarding embedding tracks, if you haven't already, please check this post

    (You'll need to scroll down a bit...past the faff from some of us mods...)

    That being said, embedding a single track from Bandcamp seems to have problems. Album embeds work well though, as do Soundcloud and tracks.

    Edit: The problem seems to lie with posting an individual Bandcamp track that is not associated with an album on Bandcamp, as currently BB is looking for both ID's in order to embed a single track. I've put this forward to the experts.
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  • akidontheinternet
    started a topic The Night Sky

    The Night Sky

    Hello, I'm akidontheinternet. I've only been creating ambient music for about half a year now but I would very much appreciate it if you could give my track, The Night Sky, a listen. If you like it, enjoy a free download of it. Thank you very much!

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