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The Giant Illusion - new Brückner release on Bandcamp & Free Music Archive

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  • The Giant Illusion - new Brückner release on Bandcamp & Free Music Archive


    A new release happened recently, and in different forms - it's full title is:

    "The Giant Illusion (A Compilation)"

    The addendum (A Compilation) already hints at the fact that this is not an album of entirely new music; in fact, it features (mostly) ambient tracks which are part of older releases AND two (long, older) tracks previously not contained on any album (but still familiar to some of my long time listeners, as they were used as free "giveaways" on some occasions). Also, the tracks are partly remastered and mixed in one uninterrupted flow... 8-)

    With this content, the album was specifically conceived for a platform called "Free Music Archive" (some of You might be familiar with it) and is still available there for free (what else ;-) see link below). While the idea was not actually to create a "best of", still I thought of something that might provide new listeners a nice introduction to what I did and do. And actually to my astonishment I saw that the release got a nice reception there: 1ith som 16.000 listens and more than 4.000 downloads in just four or five weeks so far, it has quickly turned into my most successful album so far (in terms of such numbers).

    Some of my long time listeners then asked if also a physical version of it was possible - and I made that possible:
    Anyone who whishes to do so now can obtain the album also from Bandcamp, either as a HQ download or as a Double-CDr-Set in my usual quality (HQ CD-rs with fashionable imprint, full printed cover artwork in a transparent jewel case).

    Unlike the original FMA version, the one of Bandcamp is NOT for free (yet still quite affordable, I guess). But it has to be said that for Your money, You'll also get extra content: actually, a long new "bonus" track called "Rübezahl", that with a running time of another 77 minutes turns "The Giant Illusion" in a double album - and a "real" new album at the same time...

    For further infos and backgrounds please see either the FMA or the Bandcamp page of this release (or both).

    FMA (free):

    Bandcamp (make me rich!):