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new album: Show me the Glint of Light

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  • new album: Show me the Glint of Light

    Show me the Glint of Light has been on Itunes, Amazon and Spotify for around a week but it’s now available on my bandcamp site. Here’s a short blurb about
    the album followed by the link.
    This recording shows the amazing versatility of Scott Lawlor as a musician and a thinker. A lot of his material is dark, even noisy, and yet here is an
    album of celestial beauty that hearkens back to the vintage days of early new age/ambient.
    Cosmic synth melodies abound over beatific textures in a set of pieces that can be traced back to the influence of Suzanne Ciani, Steve Roach, Vangelis,
    Jarre, Kitaro, and other new age pioneers, but like all great music, Lawlor’s music has a piece of his own soul in it – a distinct yearning for spiritual
    peace that sets his vision apart from others.
    This is a stunning achievement and something every fan of the beautifully melodic end of ambient should and will enjoy.
    -Allister Thompson (,
    Thank you for your listenership and support.