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Live set @ YOGO

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  • Live set @ YOGO

    I've been waiting to post about this because the organizers said they were willing to post it by themselves. Today I discovered that they did so a week ago and I haven't been told anything...Oh well, here we are anyway.

    On August 28 me (as Venus Martian) and a friend of mine performed an hour long live set for an experimental yoga class.
    The lesson was held by yoga instructor Giuseppe Panarello at the Gagliardi & Domke art gallery in Turin, Italy.

    The overall experience went very well and, to our amazement, everybody enjoyed the experiment (we already went quite out of our comfort zone trying not to be excessively dark and noisy, but there's only so much you can do if you want to keep expressing yourself).
    There were a number of first for both of us, not least the fact that a yoga lesson has its own rhythm and we never saw one before. Sadly I realized that during the performance. If I'll ever have to do it again, I'm going to plan ahead the "acts" of the musical performance so that they reflect the yoga of the moment.
    Fortunately we nailed the relax phase at the end. So fun watching all the deadlike bodies and be doing nothing but "WWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU" : D

    Anyway, enough talking. Be drone.

    Venus Martian on bandcamp
    My soundcloud page
    Uvular Corrosion: a radio-mix style podcast

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    What a cool idea; live ambient for yoga.

    The performance sounds great. While knowing little about yoga, I can imagine the slow evolving textures you performed went well with maintaining a relaxed focus.


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      Originally it was asked to Weed Mason to do a drone based DJ set, it would most probably have spanned several genres from doom metal to dark ambient electronic.
      I believe the oraginizers might have had the idea from Black Yoga, a studio in the US who started doing yoga lessons with mixtapes of Earth, SunnO))), Melvins and other heavy bands, until the voice spread out and they managed to obtain recordings by this kind of artists specifically performed for their yoga lessons.
      This is just speculation from my part, it might as well have had the same idea, without prior knowledge of those guys.

      Anyway Weed Mason, who is also the bass player helping in my industrial metal band (Omega Machine), thought that a live set would work even better and since he has very little experience in ambient, asked me if I was willing to put up a show together.
      We had very little time to put down a one hour show and for rehearsal, as we received the ok to proceed less than one month prior to the date. Fortunately it was August and both of us had plenty of vacation time from work, so we worked hard and pulled it off.
      Venus Martian on bandcamp
      My soundcloud page
      Uvular Corrosion: a radio-mix style podcast