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[Dark Ambient] LOU Caconym

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  • [Dark Ambient] LOU Caconym

    I'll cut and paste the description of this piece from my SoundCloud page:-

    LOU (Limited Offfensive Unit) Caconym is the name of a space craft from the Iain M Banks sci-fi Culture series.

    For anyone who may be interesting, this is available for collaboration.

    Project BPM = 73.2 (just in case you want to sync to the Tantra effects)

    This piece consists of one instance of FabFilter Twin. Just one note played (C-5) and sustained for about 14 minutes. The preset I chose is Haunted Kat and I have tweaked it a bit just to "make it mine." The preset has a couple of XY pads set up so I have added some automation to change the XY values for the length of the piece. There is an instance of Pro-Q in the FX bin.

    No other synth is used.

    I have my usual reverb bus (Breverb) and delay bus (Timeless). FabFilter Twin audio is sent to both of these busses post fader.

    I then have the following busses:-

    Averb - An instance of Adaptiverb and Pro-Q. I had created my own default preset in Adaptiverb and I adjust it slightly to get what I want.

    Tantra 1 - An instance of Tantra and Pro-Q. Preset SEQ Echoes used which is tweaked a bit.

    Tantra 2 - An instance of Tantra and Pro-Q. Preset FLT Clapman used, tweaked a bit.

    G-R 1 - An instance of Guitar Rig and Pro-Q. Preset Grain Dispense. I might automate some of the parameters.

    G-R 2 - An instance of Guitar Rig and Pro-Q. Preset not used. Instead I dragged first Oktaver and Resochord into play. I have used these to alter the pitch down and add some bass end into the mix.

    The FabFilter Twin audio track has a send, pre-fader, to each of the Averb, Tantra 1, Tantra 2, G-R 1 and G-R 2 busses.

    I have then automated the send levels to those busses.

    The intention from the beginning was to create a dark (ish) piece to sit along with my other dark Culture Ship works. I hope I have managed to achieve this...

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    Here's a screenshot of the automations:-

    I was hoping that some of the regular Dark Ambient peeps may have commented on this. I'm still exploring this style and it would be great to know how this one sits in the genre. I know Stefan has had a listen. Did anyone else from the DA crew manage to give it a spin?


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      Nice one man. I'm no dark ambient peep, but I know this is dark. Love the automation screenshot. Lots of work in that!
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        Thanks for sharing insight into how you created this including your setup. Very nice changes in there, I particularly like the 'rhythmic' layers. Overall it certainly instills a sense of drifting through deep space.


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          Hi Warren,

          Thanks so much for listening to my track

          Although I have been dabbling with this kind of stuff for a couple of months now, each track I created is based on experiments, trying out new ideas and methods.

          I particularly like using Tantra to provide a bit of a beat and I can't remember the last time I inserted one of my percussion synths.


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