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Venus Martian 2014 "debut" re-upload

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  • Venus Martian 2014 "debut" re-upload

    For reasons I will never be able to explain, I've been uninterested and oblivious to the wonders of lossless FLAC compression until yesterday.
    This inexcusable ignorance brought me to split both tracks of my 2014 ambient debut in different "parts", to accommodate the maximum track size allowed by bandcamp (at least for the lesser beings who aren't selling enough).

    Today I tried to see if FLAC versions of my 49 and 47 minutes behemots would fit the 291 MB limit of bandcamp...and they do, so I uploaded the full versions.

    It's a kind of re-release for me, and I consider it especially important because this way people can enjoy both songs the way they were meant to be experienced.
    I'm pretty happy about it.


    Venus Martian on bandcamp
    My soundcloud page
    Uvular Corrosion: a radio-mix style podcast

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    Wow! Massive pieces... I'll need to put aside some time especially to listen to these two, probably not back to back. I'll let you know once I'm done


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      Nice album. I am a sucker for long tracks, so I have empathy re the file limit on bandcamp. I find it really annoying, even though I have what they call a Pro account. This is still not enough for my long pieces. I have some at 120 and 180 minutes that I refuse to cut up. I have a few albums where I have cut ultra long work into shorter tracks, but I always regret doing so. "Parts" and the two "Continuum" albums among others were single tracks to begin with. Not the same listening experience when you are forced to chop them up.
      Looking forward to hearing more of your work. This is good stuff.
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