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SomeMadExperiment004 (Reaktor + Adaptiverb)

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  • SomeMadExperiment004 (Reaktor + Adaptiverb)

    Another experiment.

    Reaktor 6, again. Quite a simple ensemble consisting of a clock, Bento Box 8 step sequencer, Bento Box ADSR envelope generator, two Brett Blocks Dual LFOs, two Monark oscillators, Bento Box mixer and a Rounds delay.

    The 8 step sequencer plays a simple GACGCAGF sequence in a ping pong style.

    I use the Dual LFO blocks to modulate a load of stuff.

    The output from Reaktor has a send to a bus with Adaptiverb in the FX bin. The send is set to pre-fader so that I can bring the Reaktor fader down to "inf" and feed into the Adaptiverb bus separately.

    The beginning of this piece is, therefore, just the Adaptiverb bus. The Reaktor sequence fades in later.

    The only automations in Sonar are for the Reaktor audio fader, the Reaktor send to Adaptiverb and the Adaptiverb bus fader.

    I need to get back to creating some "proper music..."

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    Very nice. I like this one a lot! The sequenced part fits very well.

    Here's a Reaktor experiment I finished off this morning. One instance each of Auralis3_2a, MoGi, and Mirage. Fx sends from Auralis to one track with NadIR Convolver and Airwindows Ensemble; and another with Eventide H910 Harmonizer. Mogi and Mirage each have Airwindows Pressure4 to tame a couple of peaks. Volume automation in DAW on MoGi & Mirage. I used Airwindows Console4 on the whole mix (Console4 Channel on each track, and Console4 Buss on the Master). That's it.

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      Hi Bruce,

      Thanks again for listening to one of my little experiments ;)

      Still lots and lots to learn!

      I have finally managed to get around to listening to your experiment. I saw it posted and then my missus declared we were going out for tea, so that was that.

      Anyway, there is lots to think about in your post above, and listening to your piece. Lots of stuff going on and I can't even imagine how you achieved it.

      I've googled some of the tools you mention above and my mind is boggled. The more you get into Reaktor the more you realise that there is just too much out there to take in. I mean, I could probably dump every VSTi I own and spend the rest of my natural days messing around with Reaktor.

      Thanks for posting this... Gonna keep me very, very busy indeed :D
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