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Warren Daly 'Spiralling Continuum' Video & 4 track EP - Ambient Space

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  • Warren Daly 'Spiralling Continuum' Video & 4 track EP - Ambient Space

    I wish to evoke a sense of space travel, transcendental meditation, and spatial imagery.

    I was heavily influenced by these fine releases.
    - William Basinski - The Disintegration Loops
    - Miles Davis - In A Silent Way
    - Ebauche - Adrift
    - Pink Floyd - BBC Archives 1974 (Dark Side of The Moon live SBD)

    Thanks for listening and all your support.

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    That's a nice collection you have there Warren
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      Originally posted by synkrotron View Post
      That's a nice collection you have there Warren
      Thank you. I'm always learning. Interesting to find so many other tools here (VSTs (Tantra etc..), various EQs I've never heard of)
      I use the following instruments / techniques / FX on Spiralling Continuum

      U-He Zebra2
      U-He ACE

      Zoom H4N for 'found sounds'

      U-He Satin
      U-He Uhbik-A

      Mix Bus / Mastering
      DYN4000 Compressor from
      Focusrite LiquidMix Firewire External - running the API-2500 emulation

      Did I mention I love U-He? heh.


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        Haha! Thanks for the info Warren, I wish more peeps here would post about how they create their pieces.

        I've got a couple of u-he synths. My favourite being Hive. I have two of their free ones which I use from time to time, Zebralette and Podolski.

        If I'm after a beat I will often reach for Tantra now, instead of using a drum synth.

        My most recent purchase was yesterday... MMultiBandGranular :D
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          The wee Zebralette is very nice.Oh wow, I didn't even know about Podolski. Will definitely check that out (I don't have enough money to buy the filterscape just yet)

          Have you tried the Tyrell N6 from U-he (it's Free)
          As impressive at the ACE & Zebra 2, can get some seriously impressive bass and pads that morph just like the Zebra2.
          When I need drums I use Battery 3 but I'm most impressed by Polyplex and use that most of the time..


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            Thanks for the heads-up on Tyrell. I'll have a look at that.

            I'm a Battery 3 owner too, but I also have BFD Eco. On my track M81 I wanted a greater assortment of cymbal sounds so I used both Battery and BFD Eco.

            But, more often than not nowadays, if I want "drums" to feature on one of my tunes I will turn to Drumaxx. Battery does have a selection of electronic drum kits, but I much prefer the physical modelling sounds provided by Drumaxx. And no more faffing around with samples
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              Thank you for the tip. I will check out Drumaxx. It's great fun to use a synth to create drum shots.
              If I do use samples, I generally force them to 'sends only' and rinse them out using Reaktor ensembles such as Boscomac Dub delay, resonators found on the community library.
              Chat soon.