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Quiethorn (ambient trombone) New Release - almost 4 hours of music

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  • Quiethorn (ambient trombone) New Release - almost 4 hours of music

    I just put up my 15th album of (mostly) ambient trombone music. This one runs 3hrs 43mins, so you could theoretically put it on, take a very long nap, and wake up with it still playing.

    More notes about it at the site:

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    You can't ask for more than this; great sound design, slow evolving textures, and a bit of electronic noise seasoning the mix.

    You always seem to deliver on wonderfully introspective ambient.


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      This is superb so far. I might get too relaxed for this early in the morning.


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        Listened fully to it, it was nicely accompaning my day, remind me of Tom Heasley somehow.
        Soundcloud |Now at for lenghtier samples| Bandcamp


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          This is amazing stuff. I absolutely love the way it has the warmth, delicacy and intimacy of acoustic sounds, yet the structure is ambient. I remember hearing so many classical pieces that I wish were just more slow, more subdued, really letting me fall into every tone. This does that. I am telling my friends.


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            Yes, I encourage one to check out the other releases on his bandcamp, really solid work.


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              I was away for a while and just got back to the forum. Thanks for the comments, everyone!

              My next goal is to do something very different: come up with a way to play ambient music (or at least music to put you to sleep) with minimal or no effects... in particular no long reverb and no looping/long delays. It's something I've always wanted to try, it just takes a whole different mindset to focus on space and repetition for 10-15 minutes at a time.

              Thanks for the support!


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                This is great.