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Forest - SHADOWMASTΞR (Minimums & Maximums) [Dark Ambient]

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  • Forest - SHADOWMASTΞR (Minimums & Maximums) [Dark Ambient]

    This is probably one of my favorite dark ambient tracks from "Minimums & Maximums, Volume 1", the album I released last month. Uses vocal samples from the Vice documentary "Suicide Forest".

    I kind of intended for it to represent going through a terrible bout of mental illness, coming close to the edge of death, and then finding help and re-evaluating your experiences as you "walk back out of the forest", so to speak. Based on personal experience with mental illness. When you come out of this dark forest, your perception on life itself changes to the point where it seems worth living.

    It is one of many tracks that deal with the unpleasant topics of mental illness and suicide, a lot of it is also based on a few people in my life I have lost due to suicide.
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