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NASOALMO 2016: non audientibus 04 by Elemental Phantastix

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  • NASOALMO 2016: non audientibus 04 by Elemental Phantastix

    I participated in the NaSoAlMo challenge again this year: completing an album's worth of material entirely within the month of November.

    I usually do this under the Elemental Phantasix name as it is the space where I allow less polished and more questionable material to see the light of day. It's also the first project I ever started back in 1983.

    Anyhow, the album turned out to be what I call a multi-layered performance. All parts are recorded live and improvised (a few minutes tweaking the FX stack before hand) with no editing post-performance beyond levels and an occasional touch of eq. It is a single 49 minute track (despite my aversion to tracks longer than 20 minutes) made of of 6 sections, based around bass and guitar (ebowed) mostly with a few softsynths thrown in.

    The album is the fourth in the non audientibus series (a hacked latin phrase roughly translating to no one in the audience) subtitled "A Failure of Oneiromancy"

    If interested, please feel absolutely comfortable entering "0" as the amount for a free download to listen to at your leisure. No one really wants to stream a 49 minute track. nonono:
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    Hi Ontol,

    I will definitely get round to listening to this today :D


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      Well, I thought, bollocks... I'm sat here working at my laptop, and the work isn't that tasking, so I stuck non audientibus 4 on.

      I enjoyed the full 49 minutes, for sure. I am going to try to listen to it again, although I am expecting distractions for the rest of the day so I doubt I'll get all the way through another 49 minute sitting.

      One listen isn't enough though as there is a lot going on and I'm sure things will be missed.

      Stand out stuff for me was the e-bow stuff (at least that's what I think it was, and it certainly sounded like e-bow).

      Nice work ontol! :biggrin:
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        I can't believe you went through the entire piece--I find really long tracks to be a turn-off sometimes. In light of your modular issues, I'm surprised you had the time, but am appreciative of you giving it a spin.

        The eBow should be fairly easy to pick out, I think it first appears about 6 minutes in or so, then gets dark and ugly for a while before settling back into quieter territory for the ending.

        I often compose really long pieces like this playing live, find my favorite 6-10 minutes, then edit and polish it up for an ontol track. For this track, probably the first 10 minutes or so, moving the ebow guitar up to appear about 2 minutes in.

        Being limited by the rules of the challenge; only the month of November to compose an album and after several abortive attempts at tracks with more rhythmic elements, I began to try to get back to familiar territory as a creative-blockage buster. I felt pretty good about the intial performance and decided to use it for the challenge instead.

        Thanks again for checking it out; hopefully you did a free download rather than eating up bandwidth streaming it.


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          Just listened to the entire piece. I have a feeling I better listen to this again on headphones as the desktop speakers in work are no FFRR

          Thanks for sharing. Intriguing creations, I'll check out your other art soon.


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            Originally posted by aoVI View Post
            I can't believe you went through the entire piece
            I suppose that, because I consider myself to be an "album" person, as opposed to someone who likes radio ready short singles, 49 minutes is quite easy for me. I think the only real problem is if I'm listening to an album that has three or four pieces of this length, now that we are not restricted to the time limits of CDs.

            I have an e-bow myself so I suppose I pick out that sort of stuff, although sometimes it can get the same effect with synths. I still haven't used my e-bow for any of my ambient creations and that is something I need to put right :D

            It was a good album ontol. I certainly entertained me for another twenty or so minutes after the first listen and it was only because of other distractions that I had to put it aside.

            I didn't download it because I wanted to "support" you and couldn't make my mind up what to pay. $1 is so insulting and I wanted to pay more than that and so I get into this quandary where I eventually back out of the transaction. I might listen to some more of your albums and buy a couple...


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              Now my decision to bring a new pair of headphones to work really paid off.
              Right now, as I’m writing this, a strange reflection from a crane shines in to my office window.
              This creates a strange contrast against the deep dark floating ambient piece.
              I’m between worlds.

              Well spent 49 minutes, even though I don’t usually fancy looong tracks. Maybe I needed that today.


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                Very kind feedback, friends--thank you.

                And as far as support; listening is all the support I could ever wish for. I do leave the "Pay what you want" option there in case I end up touching Bill Gates' heart with my work...:sing:

                I can identify with you though, I always feel a little bad just downloading someone's stuff without dropping something in the virtual hat.

                But truthfully, this is not a means of income for me. I am certainly very appreciative of donations I have received but as is always written above the download button on my albums: please feel absolutely comfortable just entering 0.

                It is not an insult for someone to be enjoying my work, whether it be for a dollar, free, or a copy of it someone shared. I'd rather have a hundred people take free downloads than just one person download that paid a hundred bucks.

                Thanks again everyone for listening.