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The Endless Now - Music for Stagnation (an album created entirely with bass guitar)

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  • The Endless Now - Music for Stagnation (an album created entirely with bass guitar)


    Couple of weeks ago I released an album, which is created entirely with bass guitar. Every sound that you hear is from my bass and it is mostly played live, although I had to compromise in some degree to maintain the sound quality. I hope you enjoy it!




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    That's really lovely, the kind of ambient that stops you in your tracks, almost impossible to just let fade into the background.

    I'd be interested in your methods, would never guess a bass was the primary source for these sounds.
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      Thank you for your comments!

      At the beginning I wanted to make a pedal set up that would allow me to actually play my instrument as freely as possible. I did set up a quite elaborate pedal chain and put a lot of effort to conceive it properly. I had to overcome some obvious restrictions of my instrument, such as low and limited register. I also used reverb and delay after the loopers to make it sound more organic. After I got three separate stereo channels out of my set up, I could start improvising and trying out different pre-written musical ideas. A lot of them had to be discarded, because of the restrictions I had, but on the other hand the effects and the process itself guided my progress and the ending results were something that I couldn't completely imagine at the beginning. I was happy to be able to play my music live, because that was something I had always been doing. I've always been very reluctant sitting in front of the computer instead of actually playing...