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End of the Dial

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  • End of the Dial

    Created in response to this week's Disquiet Junto challenge....

    Thanks for checking it out.

    some info for construction.
    I used Droneo with custom drones plugged into 3 reverbs (Altispace, Amazing Noises Reverb & Kymatica's AUFX Space for one track, pitched down to 70% original speed.
    Next I used some computer generated speech that read out a random liptikl cut up - this was then sliced in Sector... I cut a small pseudo-phrase out and looped this at 1/8th and 1/3rd speed... these were layered with a Mitosynth sequence of two notes that generated a cool knocking noise.... all of these were effected by Dedalus and Moebius lab and the usual reverbs.
    Next I created two sequences using Soundscaper app... these both used radio noise samples as a base; one sequence was 5 or so minutes the other just over a minute (which was looped to match the final track length).
    Next step I recorded me chanting some 'nonsensical mumbo jumbo' which was used in the three oscillator slots and effected also...
    Final stage was the mixdown and rough mastering of the five tracks... all done in one take with Aum on my iPhone...
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    Nice one Jason. I read about the challenge while listening. Your track fits really well.

    And what a tough challenge! I wouldn't know where to start!
    >]:| ~ > Bandcamp < ~ |:| ~ > SoundCloud < ~ |:| ~ > YouTube < ~ |:[<


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      Cheers Andy... really enjoyed created this... a great challenge!