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new Album "The Fermi Paradox"

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  • new Album "The Fermi Paradox"

    The Fermi Paradox is the apparent contradiction between the high probability extraterrestrial civilizations' existence and the lack of contact with such civilizations.

    There are billions of stars in the galaxy that are similar to our sun.
    With high probability, some of these stars will have earth-like planets and some might develop intelligent life.
    Some of these civilizations might develop interstellar travel.
    According to this line of reasoning, our planet should have already been visited by aliens ...

    Tracks on this album:
    1. Frank Drake's Equation Suggests That We Are Not Alone In This Universe
    2. But It Seems That There Really Is No Intelligent Life Out There
    3. Might We Be The First Civilisation?
    4. Maybe Higher Civilizations Are Here But We Are Too Primitive To Perceive Them
    5. Or Are We Just Living In A Simulation?

    Enjoy the journey!