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Patafractal: Test Flight (with fractal zoom video)

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  • Patafractal: Test Flight (with fractal zoom video)

    This is an ambient piece I made with the help of Ableton, a few toys and presets by Luftrum and a lot of time and experimenting. The track has not been eq’d, mixed, edited or mastered in any way

    (details about the fractal video on request)

    If you found this interesting then let me know what you think. Too loud, too quiet ? Too muddy or clear enough ? Just right or should I learn the art of editing and eq’ing ?

  • #2
    Music was sweet

    Fractal vid was good too, but i think I prefer flame fractals to be honest.

    Having said that, I could see both types working quite well together.


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    • #3
      Beautiful music...just as it is 😄🎶 Vid is cool too!


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        I found both the compositions to work well together. I like the clean lines and smooth transitions between 2, 4, 8... axises soothing.

        The style of music is something I tend to seek out, soft and slow. It also sounds clean, matching the visuals.

        Thanks for sharing your work, I look forward to exploring more of it.