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Free Love - Movement III in G minor

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  • Free Love - Movement III in G minor

    This is my third track of my new album Free Love. It's not finished. Tell me what you think :-)

    Yuroun Sound Design

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    Originally posted by aoVI
    Hey Yuroun, glad to see you posting again!

    Lush and beautiful work here, sounds like it is shaping up into a wonderful album.

    You do have a talent for texture and sound. I still get a lot of use out of the Alchemy banks you made a couple of years back.
    Great I can't use them :-( I did downloaded all the banks and stuff, but not the installer. When I switched computer I lost Alchemy. I use Padshop now. It's not as great as Alchemy, but I can work with it.
    Yuroun Sound Design


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      Hooray I have Alchemy back :-)
      Yuroun Sound Design