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I've been taking piano lessons. I'm only three deep and I can see a HUGE difference!

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  • I've been taking piano lessons. I'm only three deep and I can see a HUGE difference!

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    Beautiful piece.

    What about the lessons do you think is helping you the most?


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      This is indeed VERY beautiful!

      I don't know what helps him, but I can say, that taking piano lessons helped me too. You won't hear it directly in my music, but the more I play piano, the better I get used to they keys. I know about fifths and tritone and chords, and that helps a lot too.

      It is a bit like learning to drive a car: after some days, it becomes easier, but it takes months or even longer, until you find the break or 3rd gear without thinking - in any situation.
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        Thank you! I played violin and viola when I was in school and while I got pretty good at picking out individual notes on the keyboard by ear nobody ever taught me how they fit together. My section played this note, that section played another note, but there was no discussion about why we were playing those notes in the grand scale of bow, one string (usually). Compare that to 88 keys and ten fingers!

        Being able to pick a note and build chords around it means that I'm not just pushing a bunch of keys and learning to be happy with whatever comes out. I like to do everything "live", on hardware, recorded in one pass, so if I make a mistake I can't just edit MIDI data. I'm either out of luck or have to get real weird with it. Now I'm deciding what I want to play and why, which makes it easier to implement chord progressions or come back on the next pass of the loop pedal with a different synth voice and do things like build motifs and themes.

        Don't get me wrong, I've watched a lot of YouTube piano tutorials over the last couple years and I understood the academic concept of things like flattened 9ths and chord inversions, but having someone to show me how to use them in context is priceless.

        And the driving analogy is great!
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          Actually I think I'm going to take all that flowery musical theory mumbo jumbo and move it to the backburner....honestly the most helpful part of having lessons is that there is a next lesson. When I wake up in the morning I don't bum around the internet for an hour before I start my day anymore. I sit down at my keyboard and practice things that I find challenging so that next week I can show off for a couple minutes at the start of the lesson!
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