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  • My Ambionic Heart

    A new synth tune I just finsihed in my 'Ambionica' style (contains both ambient and electronica elements).

    When I first uploaded this tune to SoundCloud I was hearing
    really bad distortion on this song when I played it back on SoundCloud.
    I didn't have this problem with my previous uploads to SoundCloud.

    After some head scratching I figured out that the main 'rhythm' synth
    in this tune was generating really strong harmonics all the way up to 20kHz and beyond.
    When SoundCloud compresses the song down to 128kbps this was causing really bad aliasing distortion
    on this song when played on SoundCloud. After a fair bit of testing I ended up using a low pass filter
    with a sharp roll-off at 8kHz on that particular synth track. That synth doesn't sound as bright now as it originally
    did in the original mix, but this does get rid of much of the bad aliasing distortion that the heavily
    compressed SoundCloud streaming file had on it after the first upload attempt. That synth patch
    is particularly very rich in high frequency harmonics.

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