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Dark ambient / downtempo / drone / ambient EP "Metropolis"

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  • Dark ambient / downtempo / drone / ambient EP "Metropolis"

    I recently had the pleasure of collaborating with Armenian ambient artist Aram 17, where we each sent a couple of unfinished tracks over for the other to remix / finish up. The result is this 4-track EP that I'm quite pleased with myself.

    For those who have done me the honour of listening to my previous releases this is a bit of a departure from my usual style, this EP actually sounds closer in style to some of the other releases on this forum, so there's that.

    Hope you like it - any feedback will be met with a complete and utter lack of restraint.

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    Nice work :listening:
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      Thanks a lot!
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        this is very cool stuff. who did what in each piece?
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          Well, for the opening track Aram sent me a sparse-sounding synth composition that I proceeded to cut into pieces, looping the parts I liked the best. I then added a subtle rhythm track and some sound effects (the footsteps, for instance, was recorded while walking through town in the middle of the night a few years back).

          The same MO was used for track 3, combining Aram's original synth tracks with additional sound effects and a more fleshed-out sound. The guitar in the crescendo is taken from a recording I did when I worked at a youth club a few years ago, testing the guitar amps. Extra synths and effects were added in this second half of the track to emphasise Aram's already quite Blade Runner-like soundscape even more.

          Tracks 2 and 4 each consist of one lengthy guitar improvisation with some effects that I sent to Aram along with a couple of other, shorter atmospheric pieces. It's interesting to note that he didn't cut them apart, as I did to his pieces - they seem to have been used in their entirety, with added effects and instrumentation.

          Incidentally, the tracks are presented in order of composition.

          That, in short, was the process. Thanks for your interest!
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            An excellent collection of works
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              Really nice!
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                thanks to everyone


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                  Very interesting stuff.
                  I didn't care for trk#1 but did like the others. I like working with overtones and harmony, so this music was right for my ear.
                  I've been a part of a few collabs with singles and once a group of four. The sort where you make a sorta skeleton backing track and send it down the line. Trk #3 has that sound sensibility. With two ppl, you do a sparse track leaving room for the other to build upon and support what you've done. Or as in your case, unfinished work.
                  Ah, the days where everyone was in the same room at the same time are hard if not impossible to come by these days. But damn glad we can still make music even if it is over a wire.


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                    Very good stuff, I love it! Great work, both of you!