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Utu Lautturi: KORPINKORVA EP PRE-RELEASE (VIDEO) - Dark Organic Ambient

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  • Utu Lautturi: KORPINKORVA EP PRE-RELEASE (VIDEO) - Dark Organic Ambient

    My debut composition, Korpinkorva EP, will be released through Etched Traumas [ET41]!

    Korpinkorva EP is an audio journey through years spent with mental disorder. To moist (or tear) your earbuds, here is a brand new video accompanying Korpinkorva's first waypoint.

    Korpinkorva I - Kevään syö veri.

    For more thoughts regarding the track and Korpinkorva EP, please visit the link in my signature.

    All feedback is highly appreciated.

    Thank you!

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    Stunning!!!!!!!!!!!!! :eek:

    What a gorgeous piece. I couldn't take my eyes away from it! Beautifully composed, and better yet, BRILLIANTLY acted and edited video production.

    Seriously, I am amazed. Almost speechless!!! Thank you so much for sharing that.

    Looking forward to more of your contributions in the future!


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      Here's the next pre-release track off my upcoming debut EP, Korpinkorva. This one goes deep into organic audio tripping.

      From Pärnämäki To The Trenches Of Pajamäki

      For a synopsis and lyric translations, please visit SoundCloud.


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        I don't understand Suomi, but I think that can be an advantage when listening to this type of music. I am able to listen to the vocals as a pure audio experience without having to worry too much about the meaning of what is being said. I can always work that out later.

        I just watched the Korpinkorva I video. I really enjoyed the experience although I found the music and video to be a very unsettling experience. The collection of different sounds used on here worked very well and I really liked the mix.

        Good work
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