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"Product" New C30 Cassette Release

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  • "Product" New C30 Cassette Release

    Hey everyone, I'm excited to announce that I have a new release out on C30 cassette: "Product"

    All sounds created from several processed field recordings taken at a local grocery store. The entire piece is an improvisational performance, recorded in one take, with minimal editing in post.

    The cassette is limited to 40 copies. You can purchase here:

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    Wait, a CASETTE? Like... a real casette? And sounds from a grocery store? Well... that's a fantastic idea! I really like your innovative thinking. Or is it retroative? Probably both. Anyway, great job, I'll share your project with my friends/


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      Yep - it's a real cassette! :cool:
      It's also available in digital as well. Thanks for checking it out and sharing with your friends!
      I also just started a label, Twin Spring Tapes. First release is up, and another comes out next Tuesday...