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  • NoiseTheorem | Dust

    Have you ever really though about time? Not just seconds or minutes or hours, but deep time - timescales where a million years is a blink of an eye. Have you ever thought about how truly old you are?

    We are a conglomeration of dust from perhaps millions of dead stars, galaxies apart. When our star dies and blasts our little speck of planet back out into the universe, it will be just another renewal. Like blowing the dust off a table so that it can settle once again.

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    Interesting stuff.
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      Yes. I like this. Every man and woman is a star. Great stuff.
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        I LOVE this stuff!!! Can't get enough of this release this morning. Seriously amazing work NoiseTheorem!!!

        Sneak Preview: NoiseTheorem will be on ambient online podcast #2!!!

        You heard it here, FIRST!!! :tu:

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          Most enjoyable. I listened to the first couple of tracks. I really liked Escape into Entropy. It was a powerful piece of music that made me think of some of Tangerine Dream's '70s/'80s heyday pieces. Nice mixing and reverbs too. When The Dust Settles was a little more abstract and had a slightly darker vibe, but was equally enjoyable.

          Good work
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