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Recently Released EP "Sariel"

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  • Recently Released EP "Sariel"

    Yours to download here : . Two drift/drone tracks, and one with some beats; clank beep, whirr. As described on relaxed machinery : 'The Sariel EP from our member Todd Elliott alias Toaster is a very melancholic work. You hear ambient drone and idm with deep and beautifully special harmonies besides sublime melodies.'

    Download and enjoy. Also, a video for "Is Born" can be viewed here:

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    Wow, I just checked your bandcamp and there is some beautiful stuff to explore!

    I love assumption!


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      I'm listening to this now, and really like it so far. "Is Born" feels very organic with enough subtle elements to stay interesting. Nice work.


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        Thanks! If you have questions about my working methods or whatnot, feel free to ask.


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          I'd love to hear about the tools and techniques you used on "Is Born". Was this done with sample manipulation, or did you use synths?


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            I use a variety of wacky approaches; but in general I try and make things as 'live' as possible, to allow for happy accidents. Is Born uses an OP-1 and a Virus; as I recall, the low pitched drones were recorded first, then a second pass was made playing the higher pitched tones. The bell noises at the beginning came last, using the OP-1's goofy 'tombola' sequencer.


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              Thanks for sharing. I'm trying to learn all I can.


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                I just listened to Is born. Nice track. I especially liked the higher pitched sounds on here. It must be a phase I'm going through.

                Good work
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