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  • Dark Ambient / Planetarium Music

    Love ambient! Look forward to being a part of the community here.. Free downloads.. inner universe is in progress and is something in the vein of what you'd hear in a planetarium or "space" sort of documentary and probe is complete and is more dark ambient. Something like a twisted 2001 space odyssey sound track. Enjoy!

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    Good to have you here and look forward to checking out your tunes.

    Cheers and welcome to ambient online!

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      I have to say I am quite surprise to not see more replies nor feedback... You deserve it... I've listened to your both albums and I really had a great eerie time... You created very nice, fascinating and simple (in a very good minimalist way here) dark ambient with a heavy drone feel... Well done really! I will review and feature your music on my blog soon, in an upcoming post.

      Thanks for sharing, I'm glad I have discovered you and I hope to hear more from you...


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        Lovely tracks


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          Welcome to the community. I enjoyed listening to both albums, and particularly liked Ice Rings. Nice work!


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            Thank you! Thank you all for the nice comments!

            My progress has been sort of slow lately as I've been in gradschool for the last 5 years or so. Previous to that I was a professional sound developer while working on my bachelors. I ran a small business that custom created sound tracks for haunted houses for professionals and for people that ran them our of their own house. If you've been to a halloween event at places like busch gardens, universal studios or six flags, chances are that you've heard some of my music and sounds at some point

            I'm almost done with gradschool and I hope to get back into things again quite soon. I've got another track I'm working on for Inner Universe and after it's done I'm hoping to contact a few planetariums in the area (there's about 3-4 within driving distance, I'm located in Tampa) and see if I can't just do a free show while they do their spiel about stars and stuff. I'd like to start playing live with it and I think that'd be a good way to start.


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              I just played "From Out Of Darkness". I enjoyed it. There is lots of motion within this piece, but in places I got a strong feeling that something was creeping up on me. Eerie and suspenseful. Good work
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                Thank you! It's also free to download, so please enjoy.