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  • IOK-1

    Hey there ladies and gents.

    Today I would like to share my crap with you!

    The thing I do tend to be either drone ambient or dark ambient.
    It's deep, simple and monotonous.

    Up to date I have five releases up to date, and more to come in the future!

    My first one is called Rost (Rust) and was released at a underground DIY label called Witte Dood.
    It's a 3" cd-r with one track, limited to 33 copies. I think there still is a copy left to buy from the Discogs market.

    The next physical release is called Poems, it's a massive 4x cd-r released on a friends label called Deersound.
    It is basically a whole bunch of tracks that I made between 2007 and 2011 that I was satisfied with but didn't know where to put them.
    It's limited to a staggering 10 copies! It sold out in about a day or two.
    I might release it digitally, when I find the motivation to do so.

    Now for the freebies!

    My first freebie, released at DNA production is called Sensorisk Deprivation. (sensory deprivation)
    It has awesome cover art made by a friend of mine and it got a really great review at Damned By Light.

    After that we have an album called That Which Remains is Silence.
    There is no cool story behind it, or a "theme" that I usually have.
    This dude who runs a netlabel called Etched Traumas contacted me on soundcloud, asking to release something by me.
    I did not have any finished albums so he took the liberty to pick out a few tracks from my portfolio.
    And that gave birth to That Which Remains is Silence. Rather unorthodox, but hey! It was fun!

    And my most recent release came out this week.
    It's called Visor om Tjernobyl. (Songs about Chernobyl)
    This one has probably taken the longest time for me to finish.
    I started working on it in Feb 2012 if I remember correctly.
    I took the theme Chernobyl, because I had been reading a lot about the NPP disaster in Ukraine.
    I find it very interesting how things look now as opposed to how they looked a couple of years after the accident.
    Anyways, this album is released on a label called Petroglyph music.
    A Norwegian based label with a lot good shit on it!

    Jesus fuck! This was a long post!
    I hope you enjoy it!
    Follow me on soundcloud if you like my shit, my soundcloud is linked in my signature.
    Send me a messege if you want to talk, I always answer.

    Thank you for taking your time reading this and be well my friends.

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    Straight up awesome post man. Really nice to see how prolific you've been and how generous you were to share all that with the forum. You have some really cool stories behind the releases which shows not only your depth of vision, but your passion behind the creations.

    I will definitely be checking out some of your stuff. Congrats on the new release too!


    S1gns Of L1fe
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      Nice to see you around David my friend! And welcome aboard...

      If some of you are into engulfing & dark ambient, IOK-1 is for you really... Can't really get more darker than this... Enjoy!