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    Finally after what has been ages I'm publishing a new album, Night Walk.

    Over the last year or so my time for music creation has been constrained and I also was dealing with some problems with my hearing, which was very disturbing. Most of those troubles have calmed down now and hopefully I'll have more time to commit to music.

    Comments are very welcome. Enjoy

    Ambient Alchemy

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    Lovely dream sounds, well done :-)
    Sorry to hear about your problems, but great to have you back :-)



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      A very good album here Jim. I have added it to my "wishlist" for now


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        Some very nourishing music on this VCD.
        The guitar and last track sticks in my mind after the first listen. Will try to listen again tomorrow.
        EDIT - having another full listen
        trk1 - minor key somewhat depressed. Good lead sound. 4:00mins next trk pls.
        trk2 - finally guitar, something to focus on. Not much thought went into trk.
        trk3 - this guitar I like, very nicely recorded and (lightly) effected. I would have liked it better without the pads/leads or at least set way back. The guitar is the show.Trk length was good.
        trk4 - Doesn't do anything for me.
        trk5 - Sad entrance, depressed, tragic.Liking the guitar. Wanting to hear the guitar take over and take us into a new place. Not a bad trk.
        trk6 - I remember this thematic melody from yesterday...nice. 4:10 nice incoming section w/new pad.(too loud)
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          The last track, for me, is the best out of the six, followed by the third track 'Kayquashta'
          Very nice stuff overall, but those two stick out the more for me. Especially the lullaby



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            First off, I would like to say I know what it is to lose your hearing temporarily- I spent about 3 months practically deaf in my left ear after contracting an inner ear disease in the winter of 1996. I was fortunate that I regained my hearing, so believe me when I say I know what you went through. Judging by the music in this album, I would say you've recovered nicely. I'm enjoying this collection, track 2 a bit moreso than track 1, although I am a fan of Vangelis, and track 1 puts me a bit in mind of his stylings from the 'Bladerunner' era. Love the guitar in track 2, although if I had recorded it, I probably would have put the volume on it a bit lower in the mix. Track 3 is nice, seems a combination of track 1 and 2.. Some people might want to separate guitar from keyboard, and that's fine, but I don't see that there's a problem with this mix other than the guitar, again, does seem to be the predominant sound in the piece. 'Landing in Tranquility' stands out as an excellent track for me, I like the change of pace in the slight darkness of the piece. Placed at an appropriate juncture in the collection. Track 5, 'Night Walk', also stands out for me as one of the best in the collection, which I'm assuming is why the album is named for this track. There are some unique key changes in this, which is refreshing. The last track wraps the collection up nicely with a peaceful 'lullabye' vibe. Overall, a great collection with a unifying underlying theme. Welcome back, by the way!
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            "All we have to do is decide what to do with the time that is given to us" - Gandalf, Lord Of The Rings


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              Thanks for posting your music! I have to agree to Dancenstein, I like Starfield Lullaby the most and just bought the song.