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  • Sound In The Mist - Epoxy

    My very first ambient project, "Epoxy", is now finished and posted to my new Bandcamp site and my SoundCloud site. Absolutely FREE!!

    Epoxy front.png

    The "Epoxy" project came about because of my growing interest in generative music, particularly software available on the Android platform. Since I have a smartphone and a tablet I wanted to create a soundfield in which to build various textures and drones. I also wanted to combine myself playing acoustic instruments with this, adding a spot of organic to the inorganic.

    The name "Epoxy" comes from the definition of epoxide, which is two carbon atoms (usually) connected to an oxygen atom. This symbolism seem to work well with my idea. In keeping with the theme of "three" I only recorded three tracks per audio track and only three audio tracks for the project. Each audio track is 15 minutes long to let the drones move around a bit. The project took almost 90 hours to complete and a whopping $6.00 for a cable and a stand for the mobile devices.

    ALL of the software used in this project is free! I used Reaper during its 60 day trial period. I enjoyed working with it as I had never used it before. Also, in keeping with the "mobile device" idea, everything was recorded to my laptop. - FREE download includes artwork and a PDF info file! No e-mail address needed. - FREE download!
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    - The art dictates the tools -

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    I edited my post to let everyone know the project is a FREE download!! That's F-R-E-E. And you don't have to give it back!!
    - The art dictates the tools -