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Unconsciious Tension

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  • Unconsciious Tension

    It's been up for almost a week now. But this is my latest track.
    No cool story, or idea behind it. It basically is a whole bunch of tracks that was unfinished that would remain unfinished if I did not do something like this with them.
    I ran most of the tracks trough a separate instance of iZotope Iris, painted out what looked interesting and just fiddled around with reverbs, delays and some filters.

    What I used for this track.
    iZotope Iris, Valhalla Shimmer, Valhalla Room, Soundtoys FilterFreak and Soundtoys EchoBoy.

    Thanks for listening and enjoy.

    (Edit: S1gnsOfL1fe - Fixed. Needed the "s" in "https" to get it to work, the new SoundCloud is taking over!)
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    Would you mind if this track made an appearance on the next ambient online podcast? Fantastic work!
    S1gns Of L1fe
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      No, not at all! Go right ahead!
      Thank you S1gns!