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    Hello. I have been a bit busy creating new music and collaborating with others on different projects. My newest album called "In a Dark Room a single candle is lit in memoriam for those whose Lives Were Incomplete" will be released tomorrow, exactly 6 months after my brother died. This album is one of grief and sorrow but also with the realization that a new normal has to be discovered. In essence, it's a message of empathy and hope for those who have lost loved ones and completes the trilogy which was started last July with Look Unto the Heavens. I hope you'll visit and follow my bandcamp page at for updates on my various projects.
    Also, number 25 in the drone excursion series was just released and I have a few new releases coming out on the studio4632 label.

    I'm also considering starting a new project called the ambient hermit, where more minimal long-form drones are explored but i haven't quite worked out how those will be distinguished in sound from my other dron works. That's something I have to think through a bit more, after all, what's the point of an alias if the music of that alias isn't significantly different from the main project? I'm interested in your thoughts on the idea.
    I hope you are doing well and thank you for your listenership and support of my music.

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    I have a half-dozen or so aliases. And there is so much overlap, but I do like to think there are differences in the works.


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      I don't get why people are putting news in the member releases section? There isn't really a link to anything in here, other than the general bandcamp link. Shouldn't news go in the news section?