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  • EP release on Etched Traumas

    I'm currently doing the happy dance.

    An EP I've been working on has just been released on Net Label Etched Traumas. You can get it here -

    It was a collaboration with an Artist called Psychic Wars. I posted 'Open to interesting collaborations' on my soundcloud. He sent me a bunch of ambient guitar tracks and it led to this. The most ambient track is 'Snells Window' closely followed by XLI.THE.SUN. I am currently super proud. Couldn't wait to share it here! Check out the PDF catalogue also!

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    Nicely done! Right off the bat love 'Silver Sword'- it's been a while since I had been to, I had a page there under another name. The production values in this E.P. are good, good clarity in the sound, not too loud or too soft for ambient- just about right, in fact. The more experimental nature of 'Slime Cartographer' is interesting and unique. Not sure I would have mixed the electronic percussion in quite so loudly in the final mix, but it's still pretty excellent overall- you put 'rest periods' in pretty much exactly where they are needed so the piece does not fatigue the ears. As for 'Snells Windows', there is a dream-like almost ethereal quality to it- something from half-remembered quiet nightmares- one of my favorites on this collection! Love the guitar in this one! Almost melancholy, and therefore haunting, leaving a lasting impression of pathos. 'XLI.THE.SUN.' is an excellent way to end the e.p. and I think easily the best piece in the collection. I congratulate you on the quality of this release, it is melodic with a haunting quality that stays with you long after the listening experience is over. You should indeed be doing a 'happy dance' and be proud of this collection! I will be downloading this and putting it in my collection for repeated listenings.
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      Sonic Bodhi Thank you so much. If no one else wrote or said another thing about this work, your words would be enough. You hit every nail on the head, including the point about the electric percussion, some how, it got a bit loud and kicks out a surprising amount of bottom end. But that stable door opened, the horse bolted and that was that. It's a lesson in taking a bit of time on a final overall mix next time though. Thanks again. Onwards and upwards!