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ablaut - fermi paradox [experimental/industrial/dark ambient/abstract soundscape]

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  • ablaut - fermi paradox [experimental/industrial/dark ambient/abstract soundscape]

    i just released this generative modular piece, that finds itself stylistically on the crossroads of dark ambient, abstract, and industrial music. some people may not call this ambient or music anymore...

    this was made in vcv rack, with two fm oscillators, which are lowpass-filtered with slow modulation on the cutoff frequency, and then passed on to a clouds module in time-stretching mode, again with lots of modulation on various parameters

    once the patch gets going, it propels itself forward, without any human intervention

    a bit of post-processing was applied in reaper, but this is all one take, and no other sounds were added

    this album is dedicated to carl sagan (1934-1996), astrophysicist and science educator

    please let me know what you think. i know it may not be everyone's cup of tea, as it isn't melodic, but borders on industrial noise. so if you don't like it, i won't be offended.

    i tried to find a balance in frequency content (low - mid - high); and i also added some stereo widening, but trying not to overdo it; so please let me know if you think i succeeded. | |

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    Cool sounds!
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      nice work...i was highly productive at work while listening to this piece :-)


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        I think I heard some alien speeches in those sounds ;)
        Do you share the VCV file ?


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          Thanks guys! Glad to hear there are people appreciating this!

          Aïma Dust This is basically my day 47 patch here:
          I added some Seriously Slow LFOs to help modulate the filter cutoffs over a longer time.
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            Really nice page !! thank you
            ... I'm just discover VCV but I'm not an absolute beginner (Karma FX and Reaktor)


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              Originally posted by Aïma Dust View Post
              ... I'm just discover VCV
              Make sure to get into the Facebook Official VCV Users Group, which is where most activity is. Also check out my YouTube channel, as well as Omri Cohen, The Klirrfaktor, and Talking Rackheads.

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                Thank you for tips and your job about VCV ... Fortunately, I'm a night owl !

                (PS : I like the "seriously slow LFO" by frozen wasteland : its too usefull)
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                  Nicely done! I'm enjoying this experimental track, some nice unique and interesting stuff going on in here! Is VCV something you can use as a plug-in for Reaktor 6?
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                    No, VCV is standalone, but you can send audio to your DAW with its Bridge VST. It can also receive audio and MIDI.
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