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  • Jason Vincion - Distant Memories

    It's been an interesting period of time since I left here to say the least - in that time, I somehow forgot about a bunch of ambient pieces I never released, so I cleaned them up and made an album out of them.

    I hope you enjoy!
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    Good souunds! I would describe it as maybe brooding ambient...
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      Thanks TDP ! Yeah, brooding ambient is an accurate descriptor for it - I've definitely had some broody times in the process of creating it!
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        First off, let me say I'm glad you are back. I've always enjoyed your bliss ambient stuff- this collection is quite an inversion with the dark theme. Crystallized Ocean is probably going to be my favorite track. That or Distressed Sleep. Calming Winds is pretty good too. Ethereal Peace will be another favorite. I hope this time you stick around for a long time.
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