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Materials (an "uneasy listening" study of Mutable Instruments Rings)

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  • Materials (an "uneasy listening" study of Mutable Instruments Rings)

    I guess I forgot to post this here -- my most recent release.

    It's a study of Mutable Instruments Rings -- one of the most popular Eurorack modules, but one which is dogged by the cliche that it "always sounds the same." Basic, plucky guitar-like and mallet-like tones are easy to create with it, but it doesn't take much more effort to go much deeper into physical modeling synthesis by using other sound sources, including feedback, and by modulating it in interesting ways. Here I use a pair of Rings, as well as other modules, FX pedals and software to create dark and noisy, rusty and fuzzy ambient/abstract music.

    Patch notes and commentary for the album, as well as my demonstrative earliest work with Rings and a bonus track, can be found at

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    Thanks for the patch notes, falls a star

    I don't have Rings but I do have Elements. So although Elements lacks some of the features of Rings (polyphony for instance) they are slightly similar WRT the resonator section.

    Elements also suffers from the same criticism that it "always sounds the same" and I have indeed been guilty of utilising its common sounds, but I have also been having fun feeding audio directly into the resonator section and using it as an effects unit.

    Listening to some of the tracks on Materials... Interesting stuff
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      I always like the tone that comes out of hardware. I really like what you got going on at 3 minutes into the song.
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        Nicely done! Enjoying the experimental tone of this- dark indeed, but also very unique.


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          Enjoyed it too

          Immorpher : yes, it becomes very interesting after 2 minutes, I agree.
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