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The Endless Solitude Of A Skylark's Song

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  • The Endless Solitude Of A Skylark's Song

    Hi all,

    Been a bit quiet lately as I head toward my exams, so apologies for not interacting much here.
    I promise I'll be a bit more present from the middle of June. I'll be using some of your music as background while I revise, so will post comments once I am done.

    In the meantime, here's my latest album of slow moving music to relax to:

    I'll be back after the exams!

    All the best,

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    I expect you'll kill it with your exams as you do with your synths! Best wishes for success.


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      Thank you! I can but try my best :-)


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        Nicely done! Fragments of a Dream is a good start to this collection.

        I really like 'Pacific'- a bit more introspective and reflective of 'solitude' to me.

        Wondering if there's a field recording in 'Mountain Stream'- very pastoral, peaceful track! I wonder if this will be my favorite in the collection.
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          beautiful colllection :-)


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            Thanks for the lovely comments, folks. :-D

            Sonic Bodhi There is indeed a field recording running the full length of Mountain Stream. My wife & I stayed in a beautiful old miner's cottage in an old village (Rhiwddolion) up a mountain in Snowdonia last year. It was an abandoned village, but three cottages were restored by the Landmark Trust and let out (ours was called Ty Coch - translates to Red House). No phone, no TV, no radio, no internet, and a 10 minute walk uphill from the road. A short walk to the Roman road... there was a real sense of time passed there. There was a stream running past the front and this is a recording of that. It was a wonderful place and we really want to go back.


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              Been a bit quiet lately as I head toward my exams, so apologies for not interacting much here.
              You never have interacted much in this forum beside your own self promotion.
              That's fine...but let's be honest.
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