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You've Never Heard a Koto Played Like This Before! -NOT ambient!

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  • You've Never Heard a Koto Played Like This Before! -NOT ambient!


    Any thoughts??

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    Haaa! That's wild you posted this...I had this vid put into my YT Recommended list as well and thought about posting it at AO as you did.
    I've seen a few Asian youth vids like this over the yrs, all astonishing. Their ability to mimic is like no other. I used to have a vid of a little Asian boy who could barely hold up a Gibson Les Paul, but he played the Eric Clapton solo to 'Crossroads' with Conan O'Brien's band...amazing. They learn how to play certain songs just by imitation. It even better when young girls play complex solos from classic rock like this one. There are some out there now, girls playing Eddie Van Halen solos and the like. haha

    EDIT - here we go haha!


    I've always loved this scene from "Louie".

    This just makes me ill
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      Koto is interesting because there is a tradition of using instruments in theatre as FX - sound of the wind, horses, storms and so on. So there is this strong background in thinking of the instrument as a broad sound source rather than as something that just plays notes. That chinese girl is astonishing - she looks like she is having fun. I really dont like the TinaS style of playing - no musicality at all. I guess in part that is the sound she uses does not allow for sensitive dynamics or tonal variation. I dont know what else she does in music but that sort of playing ruins the piece. She is really young too though and being hung up on flash technique is pretty common for young performers
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        It popped up on my Twitter feed about a week ago, so, in chronological terms, I had
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          I'm guessing that Aussie kid picked the SG because the body is light. Nice guitar- I love my own SG, and that's one of the reasons.

          the TinaS reminds me of Yngwie Malmsteen somewhat.

          The violin scene is great. Did you see the pickup attached to the Hungarian woman's violin?

          I like to use string bends, but in the Chinese girl's piece, it just seems a little like she is 'down-playing' from her technical expertise at the classical style. Still a much greater ability than my own, when I speak of that. She compensates very well for having tiny hands. The second part where she plays a perfect harmony to the accompanying track just blows me away.

          Maybe if I'd started much younger, I'd have a better handle on playing.. big *sigh".
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