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Andy Stott - Luxury Problems

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  • Andy Stott - Luxury Problems

    Ok so, I took myself to write something about great album I heard lastly.

    Andy Stott is sound engineer and dub/ techno producer, and his third album from 2012 has pretty weird and grim atmosphere. "Luxury Problems", is stuffed with slowed down house beats, ambient soundwaves, weird female vocals and (of course) numbs. Composition of those gives us strong, hypnotic aura, where we are between mesmerizing backgrounds, slowed down, psychedelic beats and some weird sounds intersecting with rhytm. I personally belive this album is the pinnacle of mixing experimental drones, noises and degradation of the composition with fully aware rhytmic composition. It gives as both of them, and both are given to us perfectly. On album we can hear Alison Skidmore too. Her light voice gives some relax after heavy, grim beats

    So, everyone, this album is masterpiece, one of the best (some)dance albums i heard.